Men’s Health: Symptoms & Risks of HGH Treatments

Although there are no ways to stop the aging process completely, what if it was possible to at least slow it down? Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is produced naturally in the pituitary gland for the purpose of sustaining the tissues and organs of the body. But, similar to testosterone, HGH also gradually declines with age. In an effort to combat HGH deficiencies in some adults, some doctors might recommend the use of a synthetic HGH.

HGH Symptoms

Indeed, HGH can have several positive benefits on men’s health if it is properly administered by a qualified physician. For instance, HGH works to promote the synthesis of new tissues and aids in muscle repair. Symptoms of a HGH deficiency could include:

  • poor quality of sleep
  • diminished energy
  • weak bones
  • declined heart and kidney function
  • increased body fat
  • decrease muscle mass
  • decrease exercise capacity

HGH Risks

Similar to many other medications currently on the market, there are some known risks associated with HGH treatmentsthat can be serious. From an increased risk of cancer to an elevation in cholesterol, HGH does carry some possible long-term side effects. In healthy adults, HGH can also contribute to carpel tunnel syndrome, arm and leg swelling, pain in the joints and muscles, and even breast enlargement. Based on these side effects in healthy adults, HGH treatments continue to be scrutinized by many in the medical community and tightly regulated by the FDA.

What about Sermorelin?

According to Action Men’s Health, Sermorelin is “A safe, legal, and affordable way of getting the benefits of HGH are Sermorelin, a growth hormone releasing hormone. It is FDA approved for medical use and works by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase natural production of growth hormone in a safe and natural manner. Thousands of men have effectively used Sermorelin to safely increase their HGH levels. Bloodwork testing proves that Sermorelin can have the same effects as HGH on the body, and patients report significant improvement in their symptoms while using it.”

If you have further questions about HGH treatments or Sermorelin specifically, please contact us.

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