Low Testosterone: Exploring Treatment Options

Low testosterone is just one of the many health conditions that can affect men as they age. Since testosterone is an important male hormone that helps maintain libido and even overall bone health, it’s something that men shouldn’t disregard. Since multiple studies allude to an increased risk of death in males over the age of 40 from low testosterone, it’s a medical condition that absolutely should not be ignored by men. Some of the common signs of symptoms of low T can include: fatigue decreased concentration, irritability, increased fat mass, decreased muscle mass, and bone loss. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, then perhaps it’s time to consult your physician regarding the treatment options that are available.

Low T Treatment Options

It’s a simple fact that testosterone is a crucial hormone that plays a significant role in the overall health and development of men. According to the Institute of Medicine, testosterone therapy may offer substantial benefits to older men with extreme testosterone deficiencies. For instance, older men who’ve been prescribed testosterone therapy have reported feeling younger and claim to have more energy.

So, what are some of the low T treatment options that are available?

  • Skin Gel
  • Patches
  • Shots
  • Tablets

If you are suffering from low testosterone, then you should consider consulting a clinic that specializes in men’s health to help you determine the cause and what low T treatment options are recommended for you. A successful testosterone therapy program should include:

  • Free Consultation – Gives patients the chance to discuss their symptoms with a trained professional to determine if a complete evaluation is needed.
  • Physical exams & blood work – A doctor will conduct a physical exam and discuss your symptoms in further detail. You will get blood work analysis done to see a complete picture of your health.
  • Personalized Therapy Program – An appropriate therapy program should be recommended based on your respective lab results.
  • Ongoing Support – Doctors should monitor your progress and make possible adjustments along the way.




Disclaimer:  Action Men’s Health managed physicians do not provide any prescriptions or medications unless a clinical need exists at the time of physician assessment. Clinical need is based upon the results of a physical examination, required lab work, symptoms, medical history and a consultation by an Action Men’s Health managed physician. Action Men’s Health maintains contemporaneous medical records, readily available to the patient, and subject to the patient’s consent, available to his or her other healthcare provider(s). In case of emergency, immediately contact a physician or go to an emergency room.