Almost 60 years old, I’ve been regularly exercising since age 25. With great effort and a decent diet I slowly but steadily increased my weight from a very thin 170 pounds (I’m 6’3″) to a decent 205 with low body fat. The weight came very slowly over a decade and while never a body builder, I was pleased with my physique and energy level. At about age 55, however, I hit a wall. I was inexplicably and chronically fatigued, my mood was low and my libido had waned.

My personal physician wisely ordered blood tests to determine if my thyroid was causing problems or if my testosterone was low. I discovered my thyroid was just fine but my testosterone was at the absolute lowest number that was still considered within normal range. Since it was “normal” my physician would not prescribe testosterone. I was fortunate to hit on Action Men’s Health during a web search. My first contact was with the sales staff. Friendly and incredibly knowledgeable, they answered all questions and was zero pressure. He was fine with letting me get back to him in the event I wanted to pursue treatment. I mulled it over for a few days and called him back. It turned out to be a great decision for me.

Except for the required physical which you pay for separately, all medications, future blood tests and medical equipment (syringes, swabs, etc.) and final consultation with their physician specializing in testosterone therapy is included. Once cleared for treatment the shipment arrived promptly and a staff member was assigned as my case manager. She also knew her job and talked me through medication timing and self injecting techniques. She also verified I had received all included medication which included a medication to blunt excess estrogen and one to encourage your body to continue making testosterone despite the exogenous testosterone therapy.

I’ve been delighted with the results. Within a week, my energy and mood improved. Within two, my strength had increased a bit and my libido was back. And this is accomplished by providing you with enough testosterone to simply bring you to the higher level of the normal range. In fact, they wisely mail you the testosterone at intervals to ensure the future blood tests support continued treatment and that you remain in the high normal range while at the same time discouraging the urge to perhaps use more than prescribed. If the blood work indicates you need a bit less, they so indicate. If you need more, they’ll provide more at no extra cost. And the regular blood test ensure you remain safely in range.

At my age, I realize it’s unlikely I’ll gain more muscle but this ensures I don’t lose my hard fought gains prematurely. I have gained a bit of strength and lost some belly fat while I also noticed my mood improve dramatically. The energy libido and energy boost alone was worth it. For me, it was almost like a switch was flipped.

I highly recommend considering the therapy. It really improved my quality of life. And if you choose to give it a try, I found this company professional, trustworthy and very responsive to questions. With the regular blood tests I get to see all results remain positive and that my testosterone remains within normal limits but optimized. I’ve had zero side effects and while I prefer injection, they offer other means of testosterone delivery at the same cost.

I don’t have unrealistic exceptions. I won’t say it’s the fountain of youth but it has been highly beneficial to me and I’m certain you’ll be glad you did. In the unfortunate event it does not meet your expectations the staff will only invite you to contact them if you ever decide to resume therapy. I’ve checked around and their prices are very competitive. Finally, while it seems true abusing Testosterone may be harmful, I’ve found no evidence moving it higher but staying in normal limits to be dangerous. In fact, if you do an independent search on your own you may be surprised to see how many negative things can happen to males with a low level of this important hormone. I’d encourage you to talk to the staff and give it a six month try. I’m betting you’ll be surprised by how quickly you feel emotionally better and physical stronger while dropping some weight.